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Kari Willers

After about a decade as an HR Manager for a fortune 250 company, I had the desire to follow my passion of leadership coaching. This is something I’ve thought about doing for some time now. It was one of the toughest and most rewarding decisions I have made so far in my career.

Rewind to when I was a little girl. My work ethic was developed at a young age when I would go to work with my Dad at his bakery in the early morning hours. I did everything from frying and frosting donuts, working the front counter, and, my least favorite, clean-up. Nonetheless, it was a great experience and taught me an appreciation for every role played in a business. 

After completing my  BA in HR Management, with a minor in Psychology, I began working in Human Resources, and since then I have worked for a couple of different manufacturing companies at different levels. I have always been hungry and yearned for more so I completed my MBA. There came a point where I needed to make a decision as to where my career was going. I had hit a brick wall and couldn’t move up within the organization due to the inability to re-locate. I have two young children and my family was not willing to relocate.  

This is when I felt a calling to do something different.


Now that I’ve gotten started I feel It is long overdue that I decide to finally move on and follow my passion of leadership coaching, but it is never too late, and I have no regrets.



  • Are you struggling to perform at a level you are proud of?

  • Does it feel like Ground Hogs Day? 

  • Are you holding yourself hostage to wage and benefits?

I love coaching leaders through tough challenges – whether it is navigating a workplace conflict, supporting leadership growth, or transitioning into a completely new field.


I am truly passionate about helping leaders see their potential and meet their goals. We are all on a journey to live a life full of purpose and no one said you have to do it alone.

Take the first step and contact me – after a 20-30 minute call we will be able to determine if coaching is a good fit.    

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